Summer practice and sweet meeting at PRESTIGE

In the middle of the summer vacation, a group of curious  and very smiling students from the Ivan Pavlov National High School of Veterinary Medicine in Stara Zagora, visited PRESTIGE’s production plant in Veliko Tarnovo.

We are happy when we can show in reality to the future specialists in the food industry in Bulgaria what a modern production environment, an innovative warehouse and high-tech laboratories mean. To demonstrate in practice how PRESTIGE products are produced, in compliance with the highest food standards. The students’ major at school is „Technician-technologist in food and beverage quality“ and everything they learned and saw at PRESTIGE was extremely important for all of them. The visit to PRESTIGE’s plant was part of the compulsory practice of the students.

Our guests, shared with us that as of end of 2022 their school already has received the status of „Center of Excellence in Professional  Education and Training“. The high school will be modernized and equipped in accordance with the highest technological requirements.

We thank all the colleagues from the human resources and quality departments who joined in welcoming the children.


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