PRESTIGE – a company from the food industry won first place for a mobile innovation with the augmented reality app „scanAR“ of NAYA brand within the annual B2B Media awards 2022.

PRESTIGE is one of the first FMCG companies in Bulgaria, which successfully developed and presented to its users a mobile application with augmented reality „scanAR“ together with every purchased product from the NAYA brand, which allows the beautiful Naya to „come to life“ through a 3D hologram.

Augmented reality (AR) is an innovative technology that ovelays digital content on real objects. In this way, Naya comes to life in the hands of everyone who has purchased a product from the NAYA brand. Thanks to this innovative technology, the blonde girl from the wafer boxes can now dance and talk, and each flavor can activate a different augmented reality, in each of which Naya is in a different location, wearing a different outfit and performing a different dance.

To get to know Naya, you should first download the free „scanAR“ app, install it on your mobile device and activate it. After that, all that remains is to point the tablet or smartphone towards the package and Naya will „come to life“. The blonde girl appears as a 3D hologram, and besides the fact that users can have fun while she dances, they can even hold her in their hands or play games that they will find in the app.

Gradually, PRESTIGE developed and successfully implemented additional functionalities to the mobile application such as:

  • You can to talk to Naya – recording of speech and its playback through a filter, and during the playback process of the recorded speech, the little girl reacts with an animation imitating speech
  • Programming of a „high five“ functionality, in which when pressing the screen, an animation is activated in which the little girl congratulates
  • A fun and interactive game to collect „falling Naya wafers“

With our mobile application, we created the first mass campaign with augmented reality in Bulgaria on food products.


The data we are most proud of, which reports results well above the average for this type of interactions between users and mobile apps, is hundreds of thousands of app downloads and over 3:00 min average duration of each app session.

PRESTIGE’s work on the mobile application and the investments the company makes have been sustainable over the years in order to strengthen our leadership positions in the categories in which the company operates – biscuits, wafers and mini cakes.

As a result, at the beginning of 2022, PRESTIGE presented to the Bulgarian market the new packaging designs for Naya, inspired by the world-famous animation productions and the latest packaging design trends. In partnership with a leading studio in the field of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), the company uses the latest software programs in the modeling of animated characters to transform its mascot NAYA into a fairy girl and create her colorful and magical world.

With the launch of the new designs, the mobile app has been further enriched with two new and favorite games for the whole family – Naya Words and Naya Memory Game.

The mobile application developed by PRESTIGE, as well as the new designs of NAYA, have one goal in support of the mission of the NAYA brand – to be attractive to all generations and to encourage Bulgarian families to spend more QUALITY time TOGETHER!

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