Production and Quality

PRESTIGE is one of the biggest food-producing companies in Bulgaria. Thanks to the high-quality and unique taste of our products, we are the top market leader in Bulgaria. As such, we know that the first place is hard to win and even harder to defend. That is why we maintain high-quality standards and constantly strive to build on what we have achieved.

Since 2012, PRESTIGE has been operating in a new, modern, high-tech plant meeting the highest modern international requirements related to the quality, safety and ergonomics of the working environment. In order to expand production capacity, PRESTIGE bought a second plant in 2017, located again in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo.

The quality of the raw materials we use is of great importance to us, which is why we work with raw materials from the best producers in the world and co-operate with international experts in the food industry.

Производство и качество
Specialised quality control departments monitor the implementation of the most demanding requirements. We have laboratories for physico-chemical, organoleptic and microbiological analyses, which provide continuous control of the raw materials received, packaging, semi-finished products and finished products. Our team has the exceptional advantage to develop new products and create innovations in its own modern and high-tech R&D laboratory following the latest trends in the food industry.
Производство и качество
Производство и качество
All standard requirements are fulfilled in the form of an integrated management system. The fulfillment of these requirements supports the successful management of all PRESTIGE activities and ensures:

The quality and safety of products
Customer focus and satisfaction
Attention to detail and striving for perfection
The development of innovative products
Employee engagement and motivation
Производство и качество