Empower HER 2024 Conference | Elevate to Excellence

Excited to share insights from our CEO, Darina Stoyanova, at the „Empower HER Conference 2024 | Elevate to Excellence,“ hosted by American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria in celebration of International Women’s Day!

Darina emphasized that “A truly empowered woman can do what she wants and do it in a way that she makes a positive impact. An empowered woman understands that she cannot be perfect. She is the inspired woman, the encouraged woman and the grounded woman. I believe that organizations with more empowered women are engines of progress.”

Empowering women in leadership isn’t just a goal –  it’s our reality and it’s thriving!

Celebrating the exceptional women within our company who are driving excellence each day. The share of women in our workforce is 65% and the impressive 71% of the senior management positions are hold by women.

The conference was in partnership with the European Female Founder Forum. Special guests of the event were Mariya Gabriel, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Bulgaria  and Milena Stoycheva, Minister of Innovation and Growth, Republic of Bulgaria, enriching the dialogue on women’s empowerment and leadership.


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