First great acknowledgement for PRESTIGE and our communication and PR campaign „Trayana. Share good things in life” within the annual Employer Branding Awards of b2b Media.

At Prestige we are proud of our corporate social responsibility, on whose initiatives in recent years we have distributed hundreds of thousands of products and supported hundreds of activities and causes. But lately, we’ve realized that we can do even more – not just help with our sales revenue, but help with the way we generate those sales. We create brands with a mission that have the power to educate, to remind traditional Bulgarian values, to arouse optimism.

The mission of our brand TRAYANA is to remind and draw people’s attention to those small gestures of kindness that do not require much, but give us a lot. They charge us with positive energy, return the smile on our faces and most importantly – restore our faith in good. Trayana aims to inspire people to be good, more kinder to each other, to think about the great power of small gestures of kindness.

At PRESTIGE we believe that our mindset is determined by the environment and society we live in. That is why we are purposefully working to make our society better, more empathetic, understanding and responsive. Seeking the small gestures of kindness and spreading small gestures of kindness. We are convinced that when we do something good, we do it for the other, but the happiness we experience is no less than what we have delivered.


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